Wednesday, August 16, 2017

War_28 "Creating the world: North America"

I added a new tile: Forest Hill.

And, North America! This one oddly didn't take as long as the other two, but it still took awhile!

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Monday, August 14, 2017

War_27 "Creating the World: Africa"

When making Africa I started getting so much done that I had to start taking notes!


Added borders to grass and desert to make the transition between other tiles look much smoother. The only problem with this is that there are more triangles on every grass and desert tile. But at the same time, it not only makes borders look nicer but it makes the rest of the map look more detailed. I'll play around with it, and if it doesn't create much lag then I'll keep it the way it is.

*Added desert river tiles, since many of the rivers in Africa ran through the desert it would be odd to use the grass river tiles.

*Increased Mountain LOD Height. This is because it was hard to tell the difference between hills and mountains at a distance (Because their LOD's were identical) so I increased the height of mountains to make it more obvious which was which.

*Added stone hills, this is because Madagascar had hills that weren't tall enough to be mountains and weren't sand enough to be considered dessert.

*Changed color of furthest jungle LOD. For some reason, it was the same color as normal grass, and so at a distance, you couldn't tell the difference between jungle and grass tiles.

*Make so a lot of tiles furthest LOD's don't cast shadows or receive shadows - There's no need to render shadows when you're that far away from the tiles.

Oh yeah, I also added Africa:

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

War_26 "Creating the world: South America"

When I was making the South America map I had lots of problems with updating the tiles to the new versions I had made, so that's why I've been fine-tuning all the tiles before I make the map so hopefully no problems will come up.

Added tiles:
  • Island (3D beach)
  • Jungle Hill

  • Beaches now have depth (the grass is slightly raised, and the beach/sandy area slopes downward)
  • Reduced triangle count on Military Base LOD's

I finally finished giving all the tiles their scripts, and collisions, and other such that they need to function. But that's not all, I used those tiles now to create the first continent: South America.

That's right! 1/7 complete!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

War_25 "Tile Update"

I was planning on working on the map, but I figured I should finish my list of 'to-do' tiles before-hand so I have as many to work with as I need when developing.

New Tiles:
  • Training Camp
  • Rubber Refinery (Improvement on Grass)
  • Oil Well
  • Civilian Factory
  • Military Factory
  • Added LOD's for Swamp
Changes to tiles:
  • All River tiles are now 3D instead of being flat on the ground
  • Added hill to River Curve
  • Reduced Swamp triangle count from 128 to 26
  • Reduced River T-Intersection triangle count from 98 to 58
  • Reduced River Curve triangle count from 98 to 67
  • Cities only renders grass (no buildings) at further distances
  • Forest only renders grass (no trees) at further distances
  • Jungle only renders grass (no trees) at further distances
  • Completely redesigned the River's last LOD
  • Reduced Paramilitary Base LOD triangle count from 180 to 152
  • Reduced Paramilitary Base Furthest LOD triangle count from 108 to 90
  • Reduced all city triangle counts by up to 10%

Oil Well
Civilian Factory

With the completion of these tiles, this means that all the tiles on my to-do list have been completed!

Here's the full list of existing tiles:

Landscape Tiles:
  • Desert
  • Desert Hill
  • Desert (Oil)
  • Swamp
  • Snow
  • Shallow Water
  • Forest
  • Grass
  • Grass Hill
  • Grass Hill (Metal)
  • Grass (Farm)
  • Grass (Farm without houses)
  • Snowy Mountain
  • Mountain
  • Desert Mountain
  • Stone
  • River
  • River Curve
  • River T-Intersection
  • River 4-way
  • Jungle
  • Beach
  • Beach Curve
  • Beach U Curve

Special Tiles:
  • Small Town
  • Town
  • Large Town
  • City
  • Metropolis

Improvements (Harvesting Resources):
  • Rubber Refinery
  • Metal Mine
  • Oil Well

  • Military Base
  • Airbase
  • Paramilitary Airbase
  • Paramilitary Base
  • Training Camp
  • Civilian Factory
  • Military Factory

And for 90% of them, there are 3 versions of the tile (Normal, LOD a bit away, LOD far away)

Sorry, this update took up the entire day so I didn't get the chance to work on the map! Stay tuned for tomorrow though!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

War_24 "Improving tiles & making the game mod ready"

This update I've made so countries generated are dynamic. Originally there were 13 countries in the world, and no matter how many were written there would only ever be 13. Now I've written a script so it will generate countries based off of the number of countries that actually exist in the mod folder or in this case the Default folder.

I'm also re-doing all tiles (not visually but I'm re-doing their colliders and scripts). Here's a changelog:

Added tiles:

  • Paramilitary Base (Improvement for Grass)
  • Mine (Improvement for Hill)
  • Metal Deposit (Modified Hill)
  • Desert
  • Oil Deposit (Modified Desert)
  • Desert Mountain
  • Desert Hill

Changed Tiles:

  • Reduced triangle count of grass tile from 32 to 6
  • Changed height of Mountain LOD's
  • Changed height of Hill LOD

I'll be working on more tiles as well as starting on the first continent! Stay tuned for tomorrow :)

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Monday, August 7, 2017

War_23 "Tiles"

I've began working on the optimization of tiles which meant making a bunch of LOD versions of already existing tiles (which wasn't very hard). I've also re-classified some other tiles, gotten rid of some, and added new ones.

To make things simple, here's a list:
LOD = Level of Detail, its an object that is less detailed than the main object at a distance

Added tiles:

  • LOD's for almost every tile
  • Military Base
  • Airbase (And their LOD's)
  • Paramilitary Airbase (And their LOD's)

Removed tiles:
  • Ocean
  • Blank tile
Changed Tiles:
  • Farm is now considered an improvement for grass
  • Mountain is now Snowy Mountain
  • Mountain2 is now Mountain

Military Base and its different LOD's

Paramilitary Airbase, Airbase, Military Base

All currently existing tiles

Ocean tiles were removed because since the ocean is free movement and not tile-based movement it would be pointless to lag the game with a bunch of tiles across the entire ocean, instead it will just be one giant 'ocean object' that will act as the visible ocean. I also removed the blank tile because it served no purpose (it was a test tile that I never ended up using).

What a tile is classified as is dependent on their Z order

-12: Furthest LOD for the improvement at -4
-8: LOD for the improvement above it
-4: Improvement of the tile above it
0: Normal Tile
+4: LOD for the tile below it
+8: Furthest LOD for the tile below it

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