Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Colony_25 "Resources"

I've figured out how I want mining to work in the game. Each ore will have a 'damage threshold' (the amount of damage you need to do in order for it to give out the ore that it has). I only plan for pickaxes to be able to deal any damage to ore deposits.

The ore will have a max health and 3 stages. When at full or slightly lower health it is at "Stage 1" where the ore is just looking like normal ore. Then at 66% health, the ore enters "Stage 2" where you will notice some of the ore missing (Or in the case of iron deposits, you will notice a chunk of the rock missing). Then when the ore reaches 33% health it will enter "Stage 3" where most the ore will appear to be gone, or large chunks of the deposit will be gone.

That is how the ore will visually work, in terms of mechanics the deposits will give out ore every X damage that is done to it (Defined by each ore as a 'damage threshold'. The amount of ore given out is a random value between a minimum and a maximum like if it were 3 to 7 that means you'd get anywhere between 3 and 7 ore. Then when you completely destroy the ore it will have a modifier attached to it, so that 3 or 7 would then + a modifier, so for example, if the modifier were 2 and the random value was a 6 then you'd get 8 ore.

If any of that is confusing, here's a visual aid:

Hopefully, that makes sense. This is all now programmed into the game, but now I need to make a way so the player can do damage to the deposit in the first place (so technically I don't know if this works yet). I've modeled the stages for the coal deposit, and right now I'm modeling a pickaxe model and working on making so you'll be able to equip said pickaxe.

Other resources are more simple, for example, if you wanted to cut down a tree you just had to deal damage to the tree until lit falls over, then hit the fallen tree until it gives you lumber.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! :)

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