Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What;s going on? WHERE ARE YOU BLAKE??

So I am getting asked up and down what is going on with Contamination, and giving answers over-and over again is a annoyance for me. So I decided it was best to just alert every one at once.

(Organized by most Commonly asked)

Q: Did you stop working on Contamination?
A: No.

Q: Are you gonna stop making games?
A: No.

Q: Why haven't you done any Updates on the Blog?
A: Didn't seem right to until I was sure my Computer was broken.

Q: Why can't you work on Contamination?
A: Computer broken

      So basically my computer is just about dead. It can do very little and sometimes can have the hardest time performing some of the very small tasks required of Computers, like using Notepad. Development on Contamination started off hard due to it already dying and with that being said, the graphics (Though not highest quality) was a lot for my computer to handle and constantly work on. Once my computer got worse it just took way too long to do anything. 5 Minutes to save a Script, 10 to Test the game.

So long story short, Computer can't handle the Development of Contamination anymore.

Until I can afford to get a new one (Which sadly is not likely any time soon) I have decided to continue my Game Dev on my Schools Computers.

Though they can't do much and 98% of the Internet is blocked from them (Including Skype) I still want to see what they can do, So I found some Open Source games, went through them and picked the one I liked the most to work on. "MineTest"

I even created a new blog for it:


So there you have it, that's what I will be doing until I can afford to get a new computer (No, I can't just replace this ones parts, they are pretty old and i might aswell get a new PC all together for the cost it would take)

So I want to Re-Instate NO I AM NOT stopping Development on Contamination but circumstance makes so I cannot currently work on it, And believe when I say I WANT TO. I mean you'll notice Updates slowed down after awhile near the end of it because of the computer getting worse it was harder to dev on it.

So yeah, Thanks for reading, Feel free to leave a Comment, and I hope to see you in the next! Stay awesome :)

And because I need to Re-Instate this 100 Times to get people to get it through their head...


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why the wait?

     A lot of people are wondering why there has been such a wait between Updates these past two weeks or so. Well as most of you know, my computer is Dying and I am far from affording a new one. So circumstance means that I can only use my Computer on its.. "Good Days". The games files are always being backed up so if My computer ever fully breaks, I'll still have them.

In the meantime I do still occasionally work on my "Dead Valley" game from my Schools Library. But that's about it, really I am sorry about the delay between things but my options are very limited with what I have to do work with, Thanks for Understanding :)

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a Comment, and I'll see you in the next post! Stay awesome :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Road to Innovation

So I have a lot planned out and I just want to let you guys know what's to Come.

First of all the Top Features of the game that will make the game Unique and Stand out from a lot of other Games

  • Totally Different Gameplay Modes
    •  Survival - Survive as Long as you Can
    • Normal - Handle Random Events and Escape the Map your in.
    • Open World - Explore an entire Landscape with Cities and areas of loot
  • Unique Gameplay
    • Little HUD/Interface making the player Immersed in the game itself
    • Player-Orientated Gameplay for a Better feel of the World.
    • Unique Features pushed around the player
    • Every player unique and available to their own Gameplay style.
  • Amazing Features
    • Innovative Crafting - Taking a Broom and knocking its head off and putting duck tape around its top with some scrap metal to form a Makeshift Spear.
    • Interactive - From Blocking a door with a chair to picking up a bottle and using it as a weapon
  • Built-In Map Editor
    • With the Ability to Create your own Survival World, new Innovative Creations will be Unleashed by the Powerful Minds of the Community!
  • Good Graphics
    • Nowhere near Top Quality, but the Graphics do show a different type from general games, not realistic but not cheesy either.
  • Computer Friendly
    • The game is intended to be played on just about any Computer, from a $4,000 Alienware to a $200 Netbook.
  • Community Focused
    • A lot of the Games Features, Bug Fixing, New Items, and Gameplay Bonuses will be added through Community Feedback and taking in the Opinion of those playing the game, not those who play it for an hour then write a 4 paragraph report on it. 
  • Full Multiplayer Support
    • Every Level, Game Mode, and New Feature added will be available to be done both Offline and with your Friends.
  • Oculus Rift Support
    • The plan of the Game coming into the Virtual Reality world is a Very large dream, and a great experience for other gamers.

      With these Sweet Features in Mind, do note that a lot of them might not be in the initial game release, things like Oculus Rift Support, Computer Friendly, Map Editors, these are things that could get Expensive and right now the game is running on a $0 Free Budget.

     Thanks for reading, these are the plans of the game, not what is in it. Right now there is some good Interface going, Mostly Network Support, Zombie Path-Finding, and an interesting level going with nice graphics.