Saturday, July 18, 2015

NG_11 "First Map Setup"

NG = New Game (No name yet)

Thanks everyone for sticking by the blog, I know it has been awhile since the last update, getting out of the whole being sick phase and moving back into game development, I decided to create the first REAL map that will be in final versions of the game, it is based on a City I created well playing SimCity 2013 (With the "Cities of Tomorrow" Expansion Pack) so some of the buildings might seem a bit futuristic (I also do plan on adding the Solar Panels to the city)

From SimCity to a game with no name yet! :D

Anyway, I fixed up a lot of problems caused by the new Visual Implementations I tested out, it appears my game isn't ready for them yet. As you probably figured out, the first map is a City. I plan on modeling a good portion of the buildings based off of that spot in SimCity since of course that's where I got the idea, the current building there is the test building from the last scene, as I have said in the past, the plan is for all buildings, roads, street lights, and even grass to be destructible. Since a majority of the actual programming is done, a lot of what's left to do is Modeling and Building. I will start with the Buildings, there will probably be some repeats like any other game just different colors, but that's to save time, maybe in the future I'll make them all Unique. Then I'll move to the interiors of the buildings, the glass, and move my way to the details of the street such as Lights, etc. And finished off with Plants, Trees, and whatever happens to come to mind. I don't know when (Probably very soon) I plan on implementing a Cloud System that will generated clouds of different Colors, Size, and shape to make the sky a bit more unique, I'll also work on more of the lighting part of the game since things right now always seem too bright or too dark, and hopefully soon I will get to the First Person part, right now first person is very... Odd, I am going to see about adding some Headbob, and maybe even making the player Animation Controlled instead of Script Controlled, making movement a lot more smooth.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Why the wait

Sorry for the wait guys I have been... Sick as of Recently, up at the Upper Peninsula of Michigan it can be either really hot or cold. And it happened to be hot, the signs were a few hours after I got home from a fun day of Lake Superior Swimming (VERY cold water), when I got dizzy, my heart started burning, and my stomach felt upside-down along with feeling very light headed and dehydrated. It was very.. Annoying to say the least, it was hard to get through, had to drink a LOT of water. After googling later it turned out I had a Heat Condition called "Heat Exhaustion" a serious but non-fatal condition that causes well the symptoms I described (and in some cases some other ones) I put a link over the "Heat Exhaustion" incase you wanna read on it. Good thing I got indoors and drunk lots of water, because failure could turn to a Heat Stroke which is a lot more serious and sometimes fatal. Causing damage to Organs and Brain Cells.

So I haven't been at the "Top of my game" as of recently, so sad to say I haven't really gotten much work done on the game... Actually I haven't gotten any work done since the last update besides a few visual things, however I did manage to draw up a map well watching the Simpsons Movie of what I think could make a good first map, based off of Homers adventure across the ice to get back to Springfield.

It's beautiful isn't it? A bit hard to understand, the picture wasn't taken in very good lighting and it looks a 1000% better IRL that it does on the Computer.

I hope you like it, and I hope to be back on the game very soon, Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 6, 2015


NG = New Game (No name yet)

(Sorry that there are no Pictures, didn't have time to grab some)

Finally hitting the double digits in Update! Yay :D

Today.. well Yesterday just didn't have internet to make a post..

As usual a good amount done, well it doesn't seem like much but it is! Players can now choose team, FFA, Red, or Blue. This will change the color of their shirt dependent to team, and there is a Anti Friendly Fire script that will soon be toggle-able dependent to the type of server that is being run.

I also remodeled quite a bit of the player, make the arms, legs, and head all smaller and reshape somewhat for a better look. I also got a new animation done for when the player is sprinting and holding a weapon at the same time, and when he isn't. And finally the animations now override different areas of the player so no matter what the arms are doing, the legs when running will still be running, this makes animating for different weapons a whole lot easier!

I will be working later in getting more Buildings, Models, and new gun types implemented later on! (It's the most annoying part for me) I wish I had a modeler, I prefer programming a thousand times more..

It also turns out that somehow I broke the Gun System, whenever the player shoots, Unity completely

Discovered the problem, after testing when the FX for the gun spawned in thats what caused the crash, so I deleted that prefab, still didn't fix it... 10 crashes later I discovered that it was the Sound it was playing that caused the crash which is annoying because I had just gotten done deleting a bunch of the different FX Prefabs trying to figure out why it wasn't working... Apparently somehow when the sound was played or even loaded in the editor it crashes. I couldn't even click on the sound, had to delete the whole folder which included all the reloads, footsteps, shots, and even for cars.. So loads of fun going on here! :)

For some reason now when I import ANY sound, the editor crashes. So for some reason sound is causing the Engine to say No. Which of course makes so much sense.... God I love fixing Glitches..
(I might be getting slightly annoyed)

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

NG_9 "Sound, Visual Effects, and [Something else Goes Here]"

NG = New Game (No name yet)

Today was great on the aspect of Gameplay, I got more Animations done, made sure that the player actually knew they were shooting by adding a bullet effect, and sparks coming off the gun, as well as adding a Chat Window the player will be able to use (Right now they can't chat) but it does display when someone is spawned in. I wrote down things as I made them so if this update seems a bit more like a changelog, sorry about that.

Added Log "Chat" window that displays info such as when a player is connecting, connected, and leaves, and when they spawn in

Scene-Objects that are destructible now "Buffer" their damage so if someone joins after it has already been destroyed they will see it as destroyed instead of it being at full health

Particles to simulate sparks or something now come out of  the players Camera as well as a Rendered Line showing where the shot came from and where it hit as well as playing a 3D Sound over the network so people can hear that the gun has been shot within a 3D Space

Guns now have Data that can be retrieved so now (for the future) when people switch guns, new damage, fire rates, etc. will change depending on the gun. The arms now also move up and down so players can see where the other player is aiming

Attempted NormalMaps and Textures on new Wall but the result was a bit off, but after just using a Texture and no NormalMap the wall is looking great, and the Destruction aspect is working pretty much perfectly!

And as for Minor details, I went and changed the "Weight" of certain areas on the player for Animating, so now when the player aims up or down his whole head and neck isn't going to be taken with him, this will make animating not look so... Mutated and..well disturbing.

I also made a Comic of me and my family (Took these pictures without them knowing :D)

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

NG_8 "Destruction!"

Today was all about that Base...

I mean Destruction... Destruction... Anyway.. Today I got a lot done in terms of Networking Objects so I decided to put it to the test by creating the first REAL destructible, the results were fantastic, way better than I suspected. The player can now pretty much destroy the enviroment around him (Well right now only one wall can be destroyed) but it's great how I have it setup, it starts full, and you can just destroy it down to the bone, this helps add realism to the enviroment so when a player hides behind a wall you can blast it open to shoot em. The wall is based on a Health System, bullets right now do a ton of damage, but in the future they will do very little against things like Concrete and you'll need more high-powered weaponry such as Explosives, allow me to show you.

(I would make a gif showing my destroying the wall, but I am up at my Dads for a month and he has Satelite internet which is $10/GB so I very rarely can use Internet, and making a gif would take up a ton since i record and use a Video to Gif Converter, I would DL a normal Gif software but you know limited internet..) I might be rambling... Anyway we're poor and internet is expensive where I am right now, so here are some Before and after shots of me destroying the wall:

This one is my favorite due to it showing how it is slightly destroyed on one side, but not the other, it also shows the new smooth lighting that I implemented, another cool feature of the game that just makes the game feel... More cozy :)

You will also notice at the top left that there is a Debug Label, it is a great feature that will be toggle-able in the Options Menu showing FPS and Connection Status!

(For those of you who might of noticed, 80% of the time all my pictures are different sizes showing the same thing, well this time they are all the same size making it better to look at them all when scrolling to see the effect over time)

-The barricades themselves are destructible as well as the wire inside that hold it together

This new destructible system will allow for a better overall enviroment experience, since I'll be able to make so houses can be blown open, or a tank destroyed down to the last part, or even making the landscape be blown open so people can make trenches with explosives in the ground to shoot out of :D

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a Comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

I also want to remind people that I am saving up for the Steam Greenlight fee of $100, so if you could Disable AdBlock while on my Blog, it would mean a lot! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

NG_7 "Visual Lighting"

NG = New Game (No name yet)

Two days ago I promised an update yesterday but I am up north and we have a lack of internet... Only now and then can I get on and sadly yesterday wasn't one of those days as I had hoped it would be.

Anyway it was very visual, I cleaned the original Basic Scene and saved some of the Models, but for the most part re-invented it.

First  Visual thing is a new form of "Radial Lighting" that I got going:

This adds a bit more realism with the lighting making things seem smoother than they are allowing the player to feel a bit more immersed.

I also added new Shaders for handling Specular Maps:

And finally I upgraded Unity and got a cool new feature similar to Bloom, it helps "Glow" objects to create a Eye Adaption effect or a more Realistic Effect with one being brighter than the other giving off of course more of a "Glow", check it out:

It may be a bit hard to see but look at that wall on the right, notice how at the end it seems to be glowing, that's because the floor below is getting direct light making it brighter.

I also of course just wanted to show you guys the new testing area:

It's basically just a giant infinite cloud, I love it because of the simplicity, it allows me to very easily test shadows out because of its pure whiteness and it allows me to test distant objects easier because they stand out among the white.

I promise more updates, but as said at the starting my internet is sketchy at best, I try to get in what I can when I can, I know this isn't the most exiting of updates but it will make the game a whole lot more immersive, and that's really what I was going for!

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a Comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)