Friday, October 30, 2015


I've decided until my new hardware for Game Development is in, in my bored time I shall make Google Logos. So, ya know... Here's a google logo xD

GoogleRock (1 Hour) - 10/30/15

MoonCompany (20 Minutes) - 10/30/15

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

One Month Left

Sometime within November or VERY Early December I will have the Hardware to begin Hardcore Game Development again, but not like before. This time I will have more advanced Software, Hardware, and more developed skills than previous times. I have been planning a project for about a month now, it is similar to the game genre of The Forest, Stranded Deep, Ark:SE, etc. It is very advanced, very planned out, and I can honestly say that it is the most planned / possible project I have ever gone toward in Bondo Games History. I can't express how exited I am for the project, it really means a lot and I plan on really getting in there and doing something I can be proud of, I hope your all exited too, and I hope to see you all around then!

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Secret Projects & New Projects!

Over the years I have done some secret projects in the background that I never told you guys about (That I always had the intention to) but never got around to it, so before I go further I'd like to open up and announce some of the projects I've made that you guys didn't know about.

Just after the release of "The Forest" I designed my own recreation of it called 'axe'. Your only weapon at the time was an axe, you could chop down trees, create houses, walls, doorways, windows, gardens, and pre-built log cabins. You also needed to drink to survive and the weather was dynamic switching from sunny, to rainy, to storming. There was also a few birds that moved dynamically that would land on branch to branch and had a large chance to fly away if the player came near. All crafting was done from your players book and the book was also used for a 'tutorial' chapter. The entire game was multiplayer-synced so players could survive together, in the small terrain (About 250x250 Feet) A Mountain on one side, 2 sides a valley, 1 side a lake.

BlockyWorld 2D
A Re-creation of MineCraft in 2D. The world was completely procedural generated. Iron, Coal, Gold, Diamond, Stone, Dirt, Grass, these were all the available blocks so far. Then you had your pickaxes and their types and the player. The world was flat but underground featured caves, tunnels, and lots of ore.

I helped design a back-bone for a fan made game called 'Installation 01' it is a recreation of Halo for PC since they stopped releasing Halo on PC's a group felt it necessary to tackle the project, There second alpha-prototype was completely programmed by me.

Based off of a game called 'BLOCKYWORLD' for Steam. It was about Sandbox Lego-Building, with mod-support so you could turn it into an Apocalypse, a gun free-for-all, a survival game, a roleplay, or just normal building. It featured multiplayer support with self-hosted servers, and basic building tools and bricks.

Bridge Wars
A 2D RTS Game that took place on one or the other side of a bridge. You started out with a castle and you had to build houses to collect tax for income, however this added to your population and you needed to grow food to feed your population, the castle on the other side usually starts out getting military so you have to act fast to build up your own army (Also adding to your population) You could even increase your economy by mining gold or loot from the dead military units and selling it on the Market (Which had to have a certain population to build).

A Simulation game where you designed your own Town in 2D. You had to build roads, define what areas of the town were considered Commercial, Residential, or Industrial. After doing so houses over time would be built, you could use buttons to control how fast time went by and your city had to have a source of Power and Water connected to it (And had to have enough for the whole population) Income determined by Expenses of the Services you provided, and the income from the tax you collected. (Tax rate was not adjustable).

A World based off of Stick RPG 2 (by XGen Studios) it featured basic jobs you could aquire, currency, and Banks. It also had a time so you couldn't work after a certain point or before a certain point requiring the player to sleep. The game was designed from 2.5D (Poorly) so you could walk behind buildings but sometimes glitches would happen causing it to look like you were walking on top of the building. You could also get promotions at your jobs, and you had to live inside of a small broken-down apartment until you could afford a better one.

Music Projects
I have designed a lot of different music / songs, by taking tracks from other songs and making them into something new, with lyrics from a completely different song.

There are a lot of other projects that I have worked on over time, that I can't recall off the top of my head. But I just wanted to let you guys know of what I do remember. (And some of these actually took a bit to remember). I used to have most of my secret projects posted on a website but the website got deleted since I was using a free-hosting service and did log in in awhile, a lot of the project files I didn't have access to anymore so when it got deleted a lot of my projects were permanently lost with it.

Thanks for reading, within the next week I'll have the post ready to inform you guys of what's going on, I have been able to work up a small budget for deveelopment and will be able to get back on it within a week. I'm going to be building a Custom PC and when it's done I should be able to finally create games without having to wait 10 seconds between everything I do.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)