Sunday, February 28, 2016

NEWMMO_3 "Vehicles Continued" & Video

This update helps finish up what I started yesterday, the player can now get inside of the vehicle and "Drive" it. And the display isn't looking half bad either!

Because this was a little fancy for me to do (About 140 Lines of code makes up the ability for the player to get in the vehicle and move it) and then about 60 manages that screen. So, as a cool thing I made a quick 2 minute video showing off the new features I've implemented:

The speed is measured in Kilometers an hour, and each line in the world represents 10 meters.

Just reminding that this is a test vehicle, not a final product lol. That means you should expect the vehicles until then to look like crap (And any other models I make for testing) because it's right now not meant to be pretty, just efficient for testing.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

NEWMMO_2 "Vehicles"

Side Note: IF your confused, the name of the Vehicle is "Safari" hence the "Safari:" at the top

Hello (Again sorry for long delays) But I am in High School...

Anyway, today the update is completely revolving around Vehicles (again). Last time we made the vehicle follow physics, and measure speed in both Miles per hour and Kilometers per hour. Now we are going to make so the vehicle can be turned on!

Since this is the future (About the year 2200, not decided yet) I've designed the majority of vehicles with an on-screen display for advnaced mechanics, currently I've only had about an hour to work on the game, but it's all pretty much been spent on this display: (Here's a little GIF)

Next step it will start up the vehicle, give you a loading screen and then turn to the primary display with spedometer and such, it will also make you go in the vehicle (I Should have that update by tomorrow, I decided this weekend would be a game-dev weekend, I'm trying to just fit in updates since I've done so little xD)

Hope to get good stuff going soon!

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Thursday, February 18, 2016


Because I revamped everything and redid network code, and because the game doesn't have an official name I'm just calling it NEWMMO.

Anyway, I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but believe me I haven't been idle. I have about 20 pages of in-depth concepts created for the game involving its Features, Gameplay, and Graphics. I also have multiple Concept Arts created for Vehicles, Characters, Guns, and even buildings!

Update #1: MMO
The MMO-Feature of the game is almost fully implemented with the ability to see other players and move around/collide with eachother. The movement so far is a little 'buggy' but more accurate than some other MMOs.

Update #2: Gameplay
I completely removed all other gameplay aspects that had been there before, right now the only 'gameplay' involving the character is movement. I have decided that this is an area of the game to focus on primarily, but not quite there yet (I learned patience).

Update #3: Vehicles
As I have said I've been working on multiple Concept Arts for different things, one of which was vehicles.

Currently the vehicle is un-textured, and has no color/seat. But this is what I call a 'Prototype'. This model will be used for creating the gameplay-aspect of vehicles, and later re-designed for look. The spot inbetween the two poles coming out the dash will be a Touchscreen-Windshield, protected by Durable Plastic, so it can withstand the elements (But not a bullet). This vehicle will have access to the 'Internet' if signal is available.

This vehicle is not intended to be super fast, it is a 1-seater and most likely going to be a starter vehicle. It will in the future have all its engine parts and such rather than just being a base, but for now it works for what is wanted in terms of testing.
(The floor is temporary to show distances)

Vehicles will also be using a dual-mesh system to calculate collisions. One mesh will calculate collision well the other is used for looks:

That's all for this update, sorry it doesn't seem like much but most the work is on paper! (There's also some other cool features of the game I have planned that I want to come as a surprise! :D)

Oh and also, the game is measured in the Metric System, but has an option to switch to Imperial (US). That means you can see your speed in Kilometers an hour, or Miles per hour. I already actually have that system setup, it measures the speed in KM/h and you can switch it to MPH.

Oh, and thanks for reading! :)