Thursday, April 21, 2016

Future Men_10 "UI & Log"

(This update was created before spring break)
Updates on both Project Titan & Future Men will  be coming. And I promise to try my hardest to get a weekly update going (At minimum) I hope to do more than just one per week, but who knows.
The Big Update 10!

It turns out I probably don't have as much time as I thought to work on the game, which means that I probably won't have enough stored up to do one every other day like I wanted over spring break. You will still be getting updates, but depending on how many I have to work with it may not be a whole ton.

So the first thing was to make UI. A Crappy UI that I'm not even going to show off because it's so awful. Basically rather than just starting in a random room. You now have to click a button join a random room. You also can type in your name (Default name is Agent).

I also implemented a log that allows you to see when players connect, disconnect, and spawn in. It's not terribly beautiful but it will do. Next thing is to make so you can enter inputs and send them to the log (AKA Making chat).

Sorry that these updates are short - but trying to store enough for spring break (I believe this update will hit you on Thursday/Friday, but it was written on Saturday/and finished on Monday) Development is slowing down, and a spring break will keep my motivation soaring so long as I don't overthink it all :D

Thanks for reading, as always, stay awesome :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Project "Titan"

Project Titan is a secret project I've been working on for awhile and have quite a few details of it planned out. It's an interactive story like a telltale game, but with gameplay similar to The Last Of Us.

Sorry for lack of details, but the project is hushy so I can attempt to build up hype in the future. Updates will be given probably about once a week to reduce stress.

I am writing and Network programming for this project, meaning not all my time is taken up. So Future Men is still in progress, and is still being worked on.

Update #10 will be tomorrow - don't expect another for a bit - but again - I will have a update once a week.

Sorry if this is a bit boring or un-helpful but I thought I would get a post in since I haven't in awhile, and I am very very tired as I write this.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)