Thursday, September 29, 2016

FM_37 "Many changes"

So much development has happened that I've lost track of most of it, I try to write it down as I go but I just started doing so much at once and now I've made so many changes that I can't possibly track them all down! A lot of them are programming and not visual so there's not much I could visually show you anyways, but quite a bit has been done!

But something visual I can show you is the amazing new main menu I came up with:

Multiplayer screen - Doesn't display right yet

This is actually going to be the main menu for a DLC the game will have. Though I am nowhere close to making DLC's for the game, I designed this menu then realized that the game takes place in the modern era and I just designed a main menu with a projector. So I think in the future I'll be releasing a WW2 DLC that will use this main menu. I'm in the process of designing a new main menu that will be used now.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

FM_36 "The Reveal"

This update has only a few changes, but mostly it's an awesome video showing what the game is all about so far!

Changes that have been made:
*Made objectives capture-able

That's it.

Now watch this awesome video:

Now it's not the best video I've ever done but I think it nicely highlights what the game has so far.

Later today (And in a post you wont see until tomorrow) I'm going to make some modifications to the map and hopefully add a few features.

As one of the closed beta testers pointed out the game has no Anti-Cheat right now, so he opened up Cheat Engine made himself have infinite bullets and speed hacks. It was pretty funny to watch.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

FM_35 "The Hill"

The Hill is the name of the map (I changed it from "The Forest") because it is now one large hill with "Cliff" sides, rock and paths! I also implemented a few new models, imported the ruins I had made for the last map, and added a ton of gameplay features! It will take a bit to unwind it all, so sit down!

1, Added a "BloodFX" for when you shoot people. No blood comes out yet but it makes a different noise than when you hit the ground / other stuff.
2. Added teams (Red Team & Blue Team) each team has their own uniform (The two originally designed army uniforms):

3. Replaced  some old Menu-Buttons with new ones (The new unity GUI system buttons)
4. MAJOR Updates to the map (Will get to that later)
5. Added first two objectives (Cannot be captured yet)
6. Fixed glitch that caused the game to crash every time you got killed
7. Added a "Dead body" that appears whenever a player dies

Here's a few screenshots of the updates to the map, I'll cover more later:

Now since these updates are so large and so much new stuff has been recently added, I'm going to be gathering a group of "Test subjects" who will play the game for some time while I record them playing it with the editor & record myself playing the game, basically creating a video highlighting what the game has to offer so far.

After I post this update I plan on working on making so teams can capture the objectives.

Also I'm curious if I should work on a new map, I'm not 100% satisfied with the way with this one turned out (Granted it's the best one I've ever made) but I'm still not completely satisfied.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

FM_34 "Guns"

Simply titled Guns because this update is about to blow your mind you may as well have been shot. Also the update has to do with guns :3.

Where do I even begin, this update is the work of 5 hours of sitting at a computer writing code & a few animations, along with a couple models.

Now I can't provide many screenshots for this one, because a very screenshot-y update will be coming next, so here are the awesome new features / updates:

New Features:
*Added accuracy - Weapons are now not 100% accurate
*Added ammunition - You are limited to a certain number of bullets
*Added magazines - You now have magazines for reloading
*Added reloading-  You now can eject your old mag and pop in a new one
*Added reloading animation - Now it actually looks like your guys is somewhat the one doing the ejecting and replacing of the magazine
*Added Weapon Equipping / Unequipping - You can now equip / unequip your primary and secondary or have nothing equipped at all
*Added new animation for holding an assault rifle
*Began work on the aiming animation for an assault rifle
*Began work on the running animation for an assault rif;e
*Added ability for the weapon to be automatic or semi-automatic
*Added reload speed to each weapon

*Re-designed players "Layer 2" animation system (His arms / hands)
*Made so ejected magazines are tracked over the network
*Made so the new animations for "Layer 2" sync over the network

Reloading the Assault Rifle
Switching between weapons
Weapon Spray
The "Run" animation for the assault rifle (Yes it sucks and I'm working on it)

So as you can see, nothing but major updates to the guns themselves which of course is the most important part of a shooter so... Hooray!

And for anyone who was curious, I have decided that there will be different sized maps each with its own unique arsenal of available features. This means that I'll make lots of maps, each with different size and depending to the size I might add things like tanks, planes, and helicopters! But lets get through this map first! :)

I plan on designing the UI system based off of a famous anime "Sword Art Online - Season 2 (Gun Gale Online)" - That's a lot to chew, but that's where I plan to design my UI from.

EDIT: Here's a fast-paced 10fps reload of the gun that I had to use for twitter because they don't like my big files :c

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Monday, September 19, 2016

FM_33 "Animations & Camera"

Today I worked on a lot of animations for the player.

First of all, the player's walk animation didn't loop all too well, it felt kinda glitchy so I spent some time smoothing that out. I also designed a new "Holding Large Gun" animation that is for when the player is holding things like the assault rifle I designed.

As you may or may not recall last time I designed a map I used a "3 layer system" meaning the:
1) Objects inside the playable area
2) Objects outside the playable area to add depth
3) Objects at the border of the entire map to make it look like the map doesn't just end there

And when I had designed the "Desert Map" I had used Layer 1 & Layer 3, but I never designed Layer 2. Well this time is to be different!

Those are some flat trees I designed that from a distance kinda look real. While, not really, but it hides the fact that the world ends right there! I have also placed a large image-of-a-mountain at one side of the map, and altogether I think it's looking pretty good!

This is so far the most advanced I've ever made a map!

I've now also done 2 things.
1) Attached camera to Head
2) Loosened the "weight" layer 2 (Arms) had on the gun

Basically the result of doing those 2 things was making so the player has head bob, and the gun animation when running looks a little better (And when idle).

And finally for this update, I created a "Map Bounds". This way the player cannot just wander off and fall through the map (Of course right now I have an anti map-fall so if the player did they would die) but still it's better to make so the player isn't able to fall through the map!

Basically, you get 5 seconds before the map boundary kills you if you don't go back to the playable area. I'm considering making a map the player can get out. But first I need to make an "Inventory system' that lets the player hold multiple items. One step at a time though.

To wrap it all up:

  • Head bobbing
  • Player has Assault Rifle equipped w/ better animations
  • Smoothened out walking animation
  • Added map bounds
  • Added 2D "Layer 2" objects on the map

Today was a good day.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

FM_32 "Clouds & Guns"

With this new update I break you even more development on the new "The Forest" map!

First of all, I designed a simple-for-me-to-use "Cloud Manager" system. Basically it while... It creates clouds..

A little complicated but it grabs the co-ordinates of where you want the clouds to spawn and then grabs a value for the stretch the clouds should spawn in, then grabs a number based off of an array of GameObjects and spawns one of them (All of them being different clouds) each one has a script that will destroy the cloud after a certain amount of time and dictates how fast the cloud should go.

Understood that? Probably not, but here's something you can understand!

I have been hard-coding all GUI's in Unity for 3 years now and I've finally decided to see what the new Unity-GUI system has to offer. I haven't been able to play around with it too much, but I've managed to replace the starting main-menu buttons with the new-system ones! Now these combined, some updates to the map, and a few new props I managed to get the scene nice and shiny!

Cloud System v1 without new menu
(Different angle) Cloud System v2 with new menu

So as you can see there is a new cliff prop I designed, I re-did some of the trees, modified the hill, and got the new UI & Cloud system functioning and improving!!

Now the last part of this update is a new gun model I designed, it's an M16A4 (Current U.S Military Standard):

The ending & the sight I am worried are too detailed. I want this game to run on low-end PC's and obviously one gun isn't going to change that, but this gun spawned 32 times (Current planned max players on a server) worries me that it might start to lagg some lower end computers. Let me know what you guys think

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

FM_31 "The Forest"

Once again I remind you all that we are in Stage 2 of development and that means lots of graphical changes trying to make the game look nicer! And one step toward making the game nicer is a better atmosphere. Now last map (The Desert) was the first time I had done the 3-layer system that most maps in most games has. Now I apply my new-found knowledge & with some inspiration from a few other games I create my own unique environment & map!

I call it "Alpha_Forest2.unity" (That's a joke btw):

Changed fog color to blue, decreased its thickness, created some new tree models & some mountains, and designed a new map. All in done day.

Now before I get into the explanation of this new map, lets just check out some awesome screenshots that you would have no way of taking if you were playing the game.

Now without me well-posing the camera, this is what the map actually is: 

The map is inspired by the Hill map on Heroes & Generals. The mountains are inspired by Team Fortress 2. I believe with my own personal style & inspiration I have been able to successfuly create a graphics style all my own!

Now I know you guys are just dying to know what is inside all of this. While, sit down.

Like last time I took a screenshot of the map and then put it over into Blender. Then I designed the "Environment props" around it:

I then designed a brand new tree model for the occasion since from the very beginning this was planned to be a forest map:

The farm I had designed on the first test map - The 'tree' weird things.. Anyway I had designed the tree texture for those so I didn't need to design any new textures. (The mountains btw are using the stone texture which is just a pure grey color).

I then popped the trees around the area, buffed the map up, and placed the mountains into place. And there you have it!

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Thursday, September 15, 2016


This update is mostly bug-fixes so I'm sitll classifying it under "FM 30" just with the _2.

+Added Display for health
+Added display for Speed when driving a vehicle
+Increased Network Refresh-Rate for Player & Vehicle
+Re-worked player damage & Fire rate
+Fixed bug where all players became an administrator
+Nerfed move speed to be 16% of what it was (That means your player is 84% slower).

That's all, haven't been able to do too much work since I'm dealing with school and lots of other stuufff..

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one!

Monday, September 12, 2016

FM_30 "Stage 2 Progress"

Now I have been working VERY visually because this is Stage 2 and all, but I decided to expand some core mechanics of the game, add in some new administration options, and create some more visuals. Be prepared, this is gonna be a long update!

What you weren't there for:

  • New PlayerModel has been implemented into the game w/ animations
  • Added Respawning so players now while... Respawn when they die
  • Added ricochet effect (Bullet Hole w/ sound)
  • Made shooting 3D and you can hear the shooting from farther distance
  • Increased bullet-travel distance
  • Temporarily increased shooting speed & reduced the bullet damage
  • Fixed glitch where if one player gets in a vehicle the other can't drive it
  • Attached gun to arm and implemented running animation / pistol animation with advanced "Animation weight" techniques.
  • Random (already created props) placed around the map for recording purposes
  • Reduced players moevment 60%
  • Added administrator commands (Made a dust storm activatable which causes "Heavy fog" (Brown color to simulate as if it's sand) and wind sound effects) - The storm even tracks over the network so people just joining the server will load up the storm
  • Added some random mess-around admin commands

Now talk about a long list of updates, huh?
I could probably spend a good 2 hours writing out this post and it would be the largest post I had ever created in the history of my blog. But what would be really good is a little reward for you all. You have been reading so much that it's time for something visible. So I grabbed the recording software and recorded the first footage of "Future Men"! Enjoy:

Created for my gaming channel so it's a little polished over, but I think it shows off a lot of what I have.

As you can see a lot of the "Primary features" of the game are definitely in-place and now we really feel inside of Stage 2 where a lot of the focus now should be purely on visuals that means a new map, atmosphere, a new UI, display health, make new guns, make so you can switch between guns / pick guns up, all that stuff!

Here is what I did after the video:

  • Fixed glitch where players couldn't kill other players
  • Fixed glitch where players couldn't collide with each other
  • Increased weapon damage & reduced firing rate
  • Added UI so players can see their health
  • Added UI so players can see their speed when driving a vehicle

We're also celebrating something else!

5,002 views & 2 Year Anniversary

This blog has existed since 2014 and as of today we have hit exactly 5,002 views!

With 155 posts and the blog created on September 4th, 2014 we can say:

Each post averages 32 views
I average 6.8 views per day

These numbers are little more depressing than I'd care to admit. 2 Years of pushing myself as hard as I can and nothing to show for it. It's about 8 months since the last person commented on the blog.

Thanks for reading, if anyone is ever reading this

Sunday, September 11, 2016

FM_29 "Character Implemented"

This update has been "Dumbed down" as I'm working to create a SUPER large update for the 30th update.

So for this update I managed to create a few animations for the character, they're not perfect but they will do just fine. I also created a couple of skin sheets for the player to wear (Depending on where he is):

So now I'm equipped for both forest and desert climates! By the way the "Sleeve" block was originally called "Arm" and I forgot to get rid of Arm, because I already textured the guy I don't feel like entirely re-texturing him just to get rid of that block, so I think I'll end up using it for something else later on.

Here are some animations for the player:


All of these animations "Loop" to try and look smooth, the running / walking one turned out okay. I might need to re-do the legs, but other than that it looks fine. The arm one JUST has frames on the arm so I can use some "Bone weighting" and layers to make so when he's holding his arm out & running or whatever that only his arm is sticking out and the rest of his body is animated to whatever other animation is playing.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

FM_28 "Player Texture & Network"

This update involves a lot of bug fixing involving the tracking of dynamic objects like the wall pieces or the destroyed fence when hit by a vehicle. First of all, the wall never tracked over the network to begin with- I'm just now realizing that. I tested the game out with one of my friends and I watched on his screen as he smashed through the wall - On my screen I just washed his vehicle go through the wall like a ghost-mobile.

I also increased the "Refresh rate" for the Player. There's about a 0.3 second delay right now between when you do something and when others see you do it, and that's too much for me right now. So I reduced it, it doesn't quite look as smooth but it solves the current issue. It's now about a 0.15 or 0.2 (I'm not testing, I'm just estimating). It's not bad, so what the heck.

I also got the player textured (He's not yet in the game):

I had to re-design the reference sheet once I started using it, but it's all fine now (I had actually forgotten to put a place for the rest of the shirt! It only had a spot for the front)

Using this sheet I'll be able to design different suits for the player to wear such as Army Suit, Pilots Suit, even a Tuxedo! I have yet to add eyes, and I think I might move the "Sleeve" block up with the "Side shirt" block.

Of course as I'm writing this I decide I'm going to do exactly that and I am going to get the eyes modeled:

I leave a lot of empty space on the right side of the tile sheet just in case I add more things I don't want to have to re-texture the entire character to fit the new changes, so I add empty space.

That's all for this update, I'll talk more about the network implementations tomorrow and hopefully I'll get some animations made up for this new character!

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

Friday, September 9, 2016

FM Theme

The goals / plans for "Future Men" have been the same since the beginning: To create a Multiplayer First-Person Shooter with lots of destructible environment that can run on low-end PC's. That was it.

Now, I need to figure out the theme for the game, is it Futuristic or Modern? Does it take place in the past, present, future, etc. This is not exactly a small thing to try and figure out, my favorite period in history being the World Wars of course but my biggest fear is people calling my game a rip-off of Sub Rosa (Takes place around 1940s) or Battlefield 1 (Takes place in WW1). Those 2 eras of course just so happen to be 2 of my favorite points in history, but I'm so scared to go there because I'm afraid I'll be called a copier or whatever. One thing I do know is: I hate Current-Era warfare, so I have no interest in designing a game around it.

Any suggestions, Ideas? I would love to have a comment for the first time in months!

FM_27 "Characters & More"

Well, today I spent a good portion of time attempting to create a new character / PlayerModel. The results were as follows:

The first attempt:

The second attempt:

BAM! That's the one. Now I just needed to give it a rig / bone structure so it could be animated for things like walk cycles and holding guns:

That didn't work so I tried again:

That one DEFINITELY didn't work, but this was actually my 4th or 5th rig I had created for this guy. After this rig failed I finally figured out what the right rig to do was:

There, a perfect rig. The bone weights had required quite a bit of modification and the bones needed to be moved around, but in the end it all worked out nearly perfect. The only exception being the legs which I am working on.

Now I made a "Reference sheet" that will be used for the characters design / texture:

I wish I could tell the blog to import the picture as "Point" not Billinear or Trilinear or whatever it's set to. But it is quite blurry because it's all really small pixels that have been sized up so you can see them.

That's it for this post, I tried to fit in lots of pictures as I was doing it because imagine if I had just re-designed the character and took a picture of the bone structure.. The post would have 3 pictures and a short paragraph and that'd be it. Sooo..... Yeah.

Here's a quick comparison of the old to the new:

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

How should the FM Characters look?

Every time I design a character for FM it always turns into a MineCraft character. The character / playermodel we have now has got to go, but I can't figure out what a new one should look like, so I'm out of ideas.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

FM_26 "Physics = Why not"

I couldn't figure out what to name this post there was just so much great stuff going on. But a lot of it revolves around physics so, hey, why not.

FIRST of all I just want to say I have successfully made the player able to get out of the vehicle once they are inside of it. That's not the most important part of this update, but it's still pretty important.

NOW on to the good stuff! PHYSICS! Everybody loves physics. Maybe not the math behind it, but we all love ragdolls and destructibles, IT'S FUN! And since my game is all about being able to be destroyed (And since we're passed the first test map) I figured I would explore a field I had yet to try out and make the first destructible building!

That picture probably doesn't get you too excited, so here's some awesome GIF's of the destruction!

Now of course you guys cannot believe how excited I am about this! Being able to blow up and destroy the environment / world around you has been one of the biggest goals of this game (But doing so, so that even Low-End PC's can experience such things). And I think I have just moved one more step in the right direction!

Now I don't want it to be so easy as it was to destroy those walls, rather than ramming through it should probably stop your vehicle a bit more. Like the fences the walls have a speed limit requirement before they can be destroyed (15KM/H for the wall 10KM/H for the fence).

I think this was a very nice update, and I hope to get a lot more good ones in!

For those of you who are a bit nerdy, here's a brief explanation of how it's done: