Monday, January 30, 2017

"Where Freedom Lay" Day 1 Analysis

Overall the game did relatively well and I'm proud of the outcome.

First I want to talk about a few stats of the game based off of the playthroughs.
The average playthrough took 1 hour for the main storyline +30 minutes for all optional areas of the game.

Now a few of the bugs/problems people have pointed out:

The shop doesn't sell Antidotes
Spiders have a very large chance of poisoning members of your party, and since no member of your party has any cure spells the player has to rely on Antidotes. While since the shop sells none, getting poisoned is a death-sentence for members in your party.

Attempting the "West-Side HQ" Quest breaks the game
A glitch occurs where the monster inside the HQ turns into a naga and then the player is stuck in that state until they restart their game (Forcing them to go back to their last save)

Cannot Dash
People have reported annoyance that the player cannot dash everywhere, and I can understand that being unable to run place-to-place can be annoying but for the most part you won't be able to dash in this game. Now when there are large wilderness areas or extremely huge towns then exceptions to this rule are inevitable: however, though I understand your frustration, it ruins the immersion of the game to allow the player to simply run around everywhere in a big rush.

The "Holy Lance" circle tells you what you need before you even know
If you're trying to get the spell "Holy Lance" and you find the circle that activates it, it will give you a few symbols inside the circle and you must find the items that correspond with that circle. However, the glitch makes so that it will tell you, you can place those items before you even have them. Placing the items (Without having them) will not do anything, however it is still telling you what items you'll need (Which isn't supposed to be immediately obvious) thus making attaining the Holy Lance spell a lot easier to acquire

That's all there is to report for now, I hope to have more to report in the future and (hopefully) future betas to be released! In the meantime however I will be resuming work on Future Men (I've been working on it a lot, but re-programming times a LOT of time and I don't want to report in anything until I have a lot to report in)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Where Freedom Lay" (Beta 1) Release

The first beta of "Where Freedom Lay" is now being released. The 1-week challenge is over (and possibly to be continued) game is ready!

Download the game at the:

This is a 2.5D tile-based RPG with final fantasy-Esque mechanics. Every choice you make in the game effects other aspects of the game in some way. The game does not hold your hand: things like Armor, Weapons, Specials, and Spells all are the players responsibility to find/acquire. There are minor free-roam mechanics to the game that allows the player the freedom of exploring areas of the map outside the storyline.

There are plenty of hidden spells and secrets, and feel free to post a comment if you actually found one so others can find the same things!

Screenshots from the game:

This game has been added to the "Releases" page of the blog and will be able to viewed / downloaded from there in the future.

Hope you all enjoy the game!

New "Releases" Page!

Just added a new page to the blog called "Releases" (You can see it at the top). Since this RPG will the second game I have published publicly I felt that I should keep some sort of archive around to show off the games. This archive will be updated as new games are made public from my large vault of games.

"I Lost it All" was the first game added to the Releases page, and now the RPG "Dynaheart" will be added next. When the Future Men Beta comes out that will also be added to the list. And of course: any future games that I release publicly will be added to the list.

I hadn't released a game to the public since 2013 then all of a sudden I've released two. So it fits that I finally add a page for it because I have a feeling that I'll be releasing a lot more.

The RPG will be released on schedule tomorrow (technically today since it's midnight), though at what time I'm unsure. I have a few bugs to work out and a few more things to add before it's ready so it could be anywhere between 10 AM and 4 PM (Eastern). But I promise I won't make any of you wait any longer than that.

That's all for this one, hope to see you in the next!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

RPG_1 "The Challenge"

On Sunday I began development on a 1-week challenge to make an RPG game. The game is being made outside of my normal game engine (I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace). This Sunday is when the challenge will end and then I will be releasing the game on Gamejolt for everyone to play! Now I want to be a bit secretive in terms of the gameplay because there is a very nice story being developed. However it's probably best I give you guys a taste of what the game will look like, and how it'll work.


  • Interactive Choices - Choices that may not affect what is going on at the moment but the rest of the game: from those who join you on your quest to who the enemy of the story really is
  • Optional Areas - You are pointed very directly to the "Main quest" that you're meant to follow. And though there are no side quests that you can pick up, there are plenty of optional areas for you to explore and battle
  • Your Responsibility - The story of the game will not provide you with new equipment such as items, weapons, armors, spells, or skills. This means that you are probably going to have to buy these things from shops or pick them up off of monsters or optional areas. There are also misc. activities you can take part in (Such as crafting spell stones that give you the ability to cast that spell).
  • Story-Driven - The game is extremely based off of a story I personally developed, so pay close attention!
  • Character Development - You have to really decide how to build your character. You can go for Swordsman, Samurai, Paladin, or other misc. classes.
  • Party-Driven - The game focuses on you and your party being able to defeat the enemies before you. This means that you have to make use of your other characters abilities on top of your own to really get through the battle
  • Strategic - Maybe this enemy is weak to this or that, and maybe this enemy I know will heal this one so he needs to be killed first. Plan your moves, every enemy has their strength, weakness, and their abilities.

The game is turn-based fighting style with a 2.5D tile-based world. Here's a quick in-game screenshot:

So there is what some of the dialogue and world looks like. It's extremely basic, but very well done. Since this is for a 1-week challenge. This means that roughly 4 or so days from now you'll be able to play the game yourself!

I might pick this game up as a "Permanent side project" meaning I prioritize the development of my shooter, but this would still be a nice project to continue working on after the challenge.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Announcement

In the simplest words I am re-making the game from the ground up. Now a lot of the models I am keeping, and a lot of the map ideas. However the actual programming of the game is messy and needs to be re-done.

That is all.

This will take a few weeks so just hangby for an update.

Updating the game version requires modifying 4 different scripts
To add a new gun to the game requires you to modify 3 different scripts
To add a new map requires you to scrap old maps
The code is simply messy and fastly written
The code is not well commentated

In the future the original project file that I will no longer use might be made Open-Source.

This is not the end of Future Men, I'm just remaking it under a different title, and with all I've learned from this it will go 10x faster. Not only that but most of my time was spent making the models anyway and I'm keeping those! So don't worry about it :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

FM_50 "Loud and Proud"

Nothing short of a miracle has lead to this. The 50th Update of Future Men. Never before have one of my games ever gotten near 50 updates, and now here we are! In honor of this great occasion, I worked hard and got things done to bring you the ultimate update. So sit back, because this is gonna be big.

To start things off, we'll introduce the 2 new vehicles being added to the game:

Both vehicles feature:
*Breakable Glass
*Opening doors
*Moving tires

The next thing on our update is list is new visually designed arms / gun:




Shooting while aiming

Sitting Idle

These animations aren't the highest quality, but they're 100% better than what there was before! Plus I don't think they're half bad. The gun / arm texture aren't loaded in these images so you can't tell faction yet. This new system includes Weapon Sway, Inspect, along with separating the first and third person animation system. Sadly the inspect animation isn't yet put into the game, but its there!

You may have noticed that this is all been done on a test map, well that's because a new set of maps are on their way!

That's possible plans for a new airport map. It'd be a small map supporting probably 16 players. And that leads me into my next area!

Map sizes & plans! Maps are all put under a different category, each category means different things so here they are:

So as you can see things are really planned out!

This map size will always have this

This map size will most likely have this, but it depends on the maps environment

The map must have been designed to fit this in order for it to be added, but it is possible

This size under no circumstance will ever be able to support this

So as you can see there are lots of sizes with lots of different attributes!

Description of the map sizes:

Close Quarters
For players who enjoy the quick-paced close-quarters action of SMG's and Shotguns.

This is for the casual gamer who enjoys a little bit of medium range battle but prefer to keep things light

The map made for gamers with a little more tactic in mind. Sniping and heavier combat becomes more common.

For the gamer who loves all-out warfare from bombs to tanks to destructible environment.

A new interface is also in the works of being designed for both the main menu and in-game.

And finally we end this all off with news on the beta.
No I'm not announcing a date, but I am giving you some info. The beta will require internet in order to play and will only support up to 20 people playing at once.

I know, I know, it's not ideal but it's what I can manage. I am requiring people to be connected to the internet because right now (1) the game only supports multiplayer gameplay anyways. (2) when I shut down the beta I don't want people to be able to play anymore. And the free-cloud I am using to host the Future Men servers only supports up to 20 users connected at once, so we'll just have to make due with what we have!

Truly an update worth the 50th mark! I hope you all have been sticking by, and I can't wait to see how the final version turns out! Thank you very much for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)