Monday, March 27, 2017


Today was an amazingly productive day with new features being added in-and-out! I added a "Display" when you look at items such as logs that will tell you their name, description, and type (such as "Building Material". Oh, and I added a new inventory system, but a better way to tell you what I've added is in list form:

Added features:
  • New Inventory w/ 6 slots for items
  • Added Crafting Material: Long Log
  • Added new islands surrounding the main island
  • Added "Max Stack' feature making so items can only be stacked to a certain number before being transferred to the next available inventory slot


  • Increased cloud height by 100 meters

Concepts (to be added soon):

  • Hand slot - for items that can only be stored in your players "Hands"

Now that's a lot for one day. Although I shouldn't say one because I actually made the islands surrounding the main island yesterday and only today did the detail like trees and grass

I plan on this game being released before or during this coming summer. Also, I changed the blog "Codename" of this game from OMC to Colony because it looks better.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017


One Man Colony is the name of the game! It's to be a beautiful indie survival game taking place on a set of islands in the ocean. Today's update is grass. Literally that is all that I have done in terms of the actual game since yesterday is add grass. But the rest of that time has been spent making the new Reveal Trailer. It was a hard-coded animation so it took a bit, but it's finished!

The grass:

The trailer:

Thanks for reading, hope to see you in the next one!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Steam Survival Release

Just as a quick update - I am in bad need of funds for the game so I'd figure I would create a quick game to go on Steam. Now if a game like "Road Madness" can get 150 reviews (Not just 150 sales, but 150 reviews) then I figure that if I spend a couple of weeks I could put together a decent $5 survival game. (Link to Road Madness).

So I've decided I'm going to make a low-poly survival game. Now it may be a bit excited to hear survival game but keep in mind I plan on getting this game released within a month. It'll have (very) basic base building mechanics with a twist! (A pretty generic one at that). But anyway, here's a screenshot from the game:

So I've got a beautiful cloud system (It's the exact same cloud system from the shooter, why redo what is already perfect?).

So that's just to keep you guys up to date, I plan to update this one regularly because I'll need to be at constant work to get it released in time.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Shooter_56 "Networking - Part 2"

In this latest update, I've managed to fix a lot of glitches associated with networking on the main menu, and I'm very pleased to announce this because it's problems fixed that are more in-depth than the usual networking code that I do.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed bug where players list only updated when first joining lobby (So you couldn't see when more players join - You'd of had to of reconnected to update the list)
  • Fixed bug where players who left still showed up as in the lobby

Known Bugs:

  • All errors (including these as simple as the server is full) cause the player to disconnect from the network
  • Playing on a lower resolution causes the player list to stretch outside of the menu area

To Do:

  • Make so host can start the game - forcing all players in the lobby to join the correct map and game mode 
  • Add chat support to lobby's

Sorry for this one being a bit short, but I haven't been posting as much as I'd like so I figure I'd keep you guys a bit more updated

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Shooter_55 "Creating servers"

Due to lots of the documents available on the subject, the way I was programming custom server properties didn't work out very well. But after many-a-hour of research, I finally have solved it and it's beautiful!

You can now:
A) Press "Create Server" on the servers list screen
B) Define the max players the server can have with a slider
C) Pick the map and game mode
D) Press "Create Server".

It all sounds fairly simple (and in terms of actual features it is). But the programming behind it was exhausting, but it's finally done! The only problem is now it puts you into a lobby that shows a list of players connected to the server and that's it. I've now got to make sure that it is able to load up the map for all players, along with the game mode (and make so players who weren't there when the game started: load it all up smoothly).

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Shooter_54 "UI2"

This update is pretty basic and once again contains no screenshots (for the sake of not wanting to spoil anything). Because this update is so plain it feels right to use the steam update style where I list off the new features.

+Error Code #2 (Non-Fatal) - Unknown Map Selection
+Error Code #3 (Non-Fatal) - Unknown Max Players
+Error Code #4 (Non-Fatal) - Unknown Gamemode
+Error Code #5 (Non-Fatal) - Server Name is too short
+Connecting test (Wait 10 seconds then make a popup if fail to connect to the network).

*Error Code #1 (Non-Fatal) - Could not connect to the Master Servers

Known Bugs:
*Player spawns in with no camera (Scene cannot render).
*Player network delay increases over time
*Players cannot see other players body's
*Only the latest player updates the players list (Old players can't see new players join, but when a new player joins they see all the players that connected previously).

Errors cause you to disconnect from the network & return to the main menu

So all of the new error codes added are for creating a server. Now in short errors are supposed to occur when things like A bullet fails to spawn in, the player can't connect to the network or some other glitch along those lines. But because I don't have any independent error manager (One that would be made specifically for game creating, or one made specifically for servers or something like that) I have to use the global error manager that just manages all errors in the game.

The problem with doing this is that the Error Manager technically has no clue where you are in the menu. It cannot "detect" what menu you're on (If you're creating a server, if you're browsing servers, or if you're just on the options menu). And because of this, it by default doesn't know where to return you. So its only solution when you press "Continue" on the error is to disconnect you from the network and place you back on the main menu. This means that simple things like having too short of a server name will disconnect you from the network entirely and put you back on the main menu.

Now it's not ideal, and when I get independent error managers it will be better, but for now that's what's going on.

In the errors - when I say Fatal or Non-Fatal it just means whether or not it's an error that requires your game to close or not.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Shooter_53 "Menu / UI"

This update purely focuses on the main menu, and interface of the game. It's fairly simple, just lots of black boxes and text.

But since I don't plan on ruining the surprise of seeing the game for yourselves, I won't be providing any screenshots! Sorry!

I was able to get in:

  • Re-designed "Main" Main menu
  • Modified Options Menu
  • Added servers browser menu
  • Added "Create a server" menu
  • Added Lobby menu

And I've also done some work with the network code like displaying players. The "Create a server" menu isn't functional yet, but it should be relatively soon. You will be able to select how many players the server can support and the map / gamemode the game will be played on. I haven't decided on any other features yet (Suggest some?).

Also, seeing as how the cloud service I'll be using to host Official servers for the game is located in multiple countries, it means that now the game has "Dynamic servers" (Not an official name) but basically it means that depending on where you're located will depend on what server you connect to. Now that's cool and all, but technically official servers will only be hosted in the US Region so it would be for unofficial servers only!

That's all for this one, sorry it's not much to read but it's a lot in progress! So far the main menu is 240 lines of code. But that's raw, once I start commenting things, making notes, making so the create a server menu works, and make sure that all other functions are working properly (Along with a few other main menu options I plan to add), I estimate that the main menu alone will come close (if not more) than 400 lines of code in the end.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)

Friday, March 3, 2017


I've been waiting until I had a lot to cover (like a super big update) then I thought to myself - why? This is supposed to be a development blog! So here I am with another update on the game.

Mostly working on the map I've decided that it will be a night map (Mostly to showcase the new bullet system because everyone in the game will use tracer bullets).

I've also re-worked the terrain nearly 5 times over (MANY hours of this) to try and make things look better not from a gods view (Editor view) but for the players on the ground. This means creating flat areas, rounding things off, and creating more pathways for the player to explore

I've also worked quite a bit on the destructible system, along with the animations system.

It may not look like much but that's because it's just simply falling over. Imagine an explosive detonated at the supports and it collapses with a player on top - Not so boring anymore!

I've also gotten around to doing a lot more work on the actual Network / Gameplay coding of the game and it's looking much better than it did on the old version!

I've also re-done lighting a bit (as you can see) to give the game a more cartoony feeling to it.

That's all for today, I wish I could show you all some of the gameplay or the new main menu design but I don't want to spoil too much because I expect you all for the beta release!

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next one! Stay awesome :)